Rimi label - quality at a more better price!

Rimi’s vision is to make every day a little better, so by choosing products with our logo, you can be sure that we have selected the one that best suits the wishes of our customers. Rimi products are created under a trusted name where quality, safety, freshness and affordable prices meet.

High quality

Only the freshest and tastiest: producers are selected in strict order and quality control carefully monitors the composition of the product.

Reliable product origin

In the category of fresh products, at least a third of the production is produced in Latvia and in separate product groups - even in the amount of 80%.

Wide assortment at a good price

We cooperate only with manufacturers who are able to offer quality and a good price in accordance with the Rimi brand or one of its sub-brands.


Rimi brand product assortment is created considering everyday consumer needs – healthy, dairy products, fruits and vegetables, grains, breakfast cereals, qualitative fresh meat from safe origin, and lots of other products. Rimi name on the packaging is the guarantee of constant high quality of our products.

Selection by Rimi

Selection by Rimi offers finest quality products specially selected for your enjoyment! Best ingredients from their original growing places and traditions through generations turn Selection by Rimi products into a real masterpiece.

Rimi Greatlife

Rimi Greatlife makes it easier for you to make healthier food choices. Products under this brand contain more fiber, wholegrains, less sugar or salt, better fats, no industrial hydrogenated fats (no trans fats), no GMO, no synthetic food additives, like sweeteners, taste and smell enhancers and azo dyes.

Rimi Planet

Rimi Planet product line gives exotic food lovers an opportunity to try food from different parts of the world. Discover taste of Asian, South American, Mediterranean and Middle East cuisine through ready meals or cook popular dishes at home.

Rimi FreeFrom

Rimi FreeFrom is created to make specialized products more accessible for customers who are sensitive (allergic or intolerant) to one or more food ingredients or simply want to diversify their menu. Rimi team thoroughly checks every product before letting it become Rimi FreeFrom and makes sure it corresponds the set of criteria of quality.

Rimi Express

Rimi Express is right option for busy days that require food to be eaten or cooked quickly while maintaining high quality. Rimi Express unites diverse assortment of products to eat on the go, semi–ready (with short cooking time) and ready meals.

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