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Rimi private label – insurance of quality for affordable price

Rimi private label

While strolling through our shops, you may have noticed products with Rimi label on the package. This is a sign of Rimi private label production, offering a variety of products for daily needs or special occasion. On this page you will also find quick and easy recipes where you can include many of Rimi private label products.

What does Rimi private label mean?

Rimi label combines high quality contents and affordable price. Private label is divided in a way that every Rimi customer can find a suitable Rimi product from the sortiment.
Clients’ most loved Rimi brands are "Rimi," "Selection by Rimi," "Rimi basic"; which we constantly complement with new products.

High quality

Only the freshest and tastiest: producers are selected in strict order and quality control carefully monitors the composition of the product.

Reliable product origin

In the category of fresh products, at least a third of the production is produced in Latvia and in separate product groups - even in the amount of 80%.

Wide assortment at a good price

We cooperate only with manufacturers who are able to offer quality and a good price in accordance with the Rimi brand or one of its sub-brands.

The best quality and price balance

Better quality every day


Rimi private label range is based on the everyday needs of each family member, ensuring a balance of price and quality - healthy dairy products, fruits and vegetables, cereals, fresh meat from proven suppliers, as well as other popular categories of products. The Rimi logo on the packaging is a guarantor of high quality.

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Selection by Rimi

Selection by Rimi are sophisticated products of the highest quality that are specially selected to enjoy the most delicious moments of life. Only the best products from trusted suppliers, along with original recipes, make the products special. Thanks to the invested knowledge, inherited traditions and sincere care, the Selection by Rimi product line has become a real work of art.

Selection by Rimi products >

Rimi Basic

Products that are marked with Rimi Basic logo include a variety of goods from daily products to snacks and desserts. Compared with analogues the products of the Rimi Basic line are about half the price, so we call them budget- friendly.

Rimi Basic products >

Rimi Greatlife

Rimi Greatlife makes it easier to choose healthy products. Products with this logo contain more fiber, whole grains and healthy fats. Rimi Greatlife products have less added sugar and salt and are also free of trans fats, GMOs and synthetic additives. No additional sweeteners, flavor enhancers are added during the preparation process.

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Rimi Planet

The Rimi Planet product line allows fans of exotic dishes to get acquainted with the cuisine culture in different parts of the Earth. Discover the tastes of Asia, South America, the Mediterranean and the Middle East by enjoying ready meals or creating them at home.

Rimi Planet products >

Rimi FreeFrom

Rimi FreeFrom is a special product for those who are more sensitive to intolerance-provoking ingredients or desire to diversify their menus. The Rimi team carefully checks each product that is included in the Rimi FreeFrom line, and also takes care of both its quality and fulfilling taste.

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Rimi Express

Rimi Express is the perfect choice on days when there is no time to stand by the stove for hours. The Rimi Express offer has ready-made meals for a nutritious lunch or dinner, as well as "to eat on the go" products that can be consumed without slowing down the rhythm.

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Quick and easy recipes from Rimi

Roasted chicken with potatoes

A recipe for a hearty lunch or dinner, for which you will need only Rimi private label products. Within an hour and a half, a juicy and fragrant Italian-style dish will be ready.

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Square Pizza Margarita

Simple, fast and delicious. A real thin dough, garlic and basil rich tomato paste, natural Mozzarella cheese and fresh arugula - all that is necessary for enjoying pizza.

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Grilled halloumi with tomatoes

A combination of fresh cheese, warm dough and sweet & sour sauce in 30 minutes. A quick and delicious Oriental-style dish.

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