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How are bio/eco products different?

The term officially adopted in the European Union (EU) is "organic food." This refers to agriculture and food production that respects the environment, the conservation of natural resources, high animal welfare standards, and natural substances and processes in presentation.

Organic farming has stringent restrictions on the use of several substances:

  • chemical, synthetic pesticides,
  • synthetic fertilizers,
  • antibiotic,
  • food additives.
The use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in organic farming is completely banned. The animals are reared outdoors and fed on organic food.

Made from organic products

Made from organic products

Made from organic products

Delicious meals and snacks for the little ones

Organic drinks for your children

Vegetables from ecological farming

Fruits from ecological farming

The best organic animal-based foods

Alternative products and snacks

Healthy spices

Choose organic yogurts

Tasty and healthy food cupboard

Different types of organic sauces and jams

Complete and healthy snacks

For when you are thirsty

Wines produced in organic farming

Organic berries and nuts

As if it was homemade

For early mornings and colder days

Choose organic cereal products

Various organic oils

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