How to register for legal entities?

Go to the "Login / Register" section of the registration and select the "Legal Entity" status during registration. Follow the registration steps by filling in the contact information provided.

Can I register with the same e-mail that is used for an individual's profile?

No, the legal entity e-mail must be unique. Registration with an individual profile using e-mail will not be possible, and a new e-mail is required.

How do I get an invoice with details?

An invoice with details will be available after ordering and payment.

What is the assortment of e-shop for legal entities?

The entire assortment of e-shop is available to legal entities.

Are there discounts for legal entities?

All standard discounts that do not require a My Rimi card apply to legal entities.

Does the delivery subscription work for legal entities?

Yes, legal entities can receive the goods for 60 days free of charge by purchasing a delivery subscription for a one-time fee of 1.99 EUR.

Are discount coupons available for legal entities?

All coupons that do not require My Rimi cards are active for legal entities. The loyalty program (MansRimi card, MansRimi discounts, and MansRimi money, etc.) is not available to legal entities.

Is MansRimi savings available to legal entities?

No, loyalty programs (MansRimi card, MansRimi discounts, and MansRimi money, etc.) are not available to legal entities.

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