Until December 31 of this year, with the aim of providing support to the people of Latvia in the autumn/winter season, when the usual expenses for heating will increase significantly, Rimi promises to lower and fix the prices of the products most loved by buyers.

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Consistently low prices for your favorite products

Meat and fish at even better fixed prices

Taste the chicken fillet in sweet and sour glaze!

An easy-to-prepare meal for your dinner! Delicious and healthy.

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Consistently low prices for vegetables and fruits

Daily dose of fruits and vegetables

Recommendations on how to get the daily dose of fruits and vegetables from Rimi Better Life expert, certified nutritionist Olga Lubina.

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Dairy products

Make cinnamon buns with cottage cheese!

Treat your family or friends with muffins! The excellent curd dough filled with apple and cinnamon

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Yogurts and desserts

Consistently low prices for packaged food

Pasta and buckwheat

Sweets and snacks at even better fixed prices


Fixed prices for hygiene products

Alcoholic beverages

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Alcohol consumption has negative effects.

The sale, purchase and transfer of alcoholic beverages to minors is prohibited.

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